Full Property Renovation
A major project undertaking, renovating a sea-front property and adding a stunning porch and kitchen extension.

The rear elevation was removed on the ground floor and supported utilising a steel frame, this created an open plan living space. By adding an extension the living space suited the customers needs.

The original porch on the front elevation was small and dilapidated. A new porch was constructed around a steel frame. The customer wanted painted timber, a very long lasting timber was specified and was used to manufacture the porch glazed panel and doors and balcony above.

Underfloor heating was also installed.

Graham is a diligent and dependable builder who provides a first rate service no matter the size of the job.

He has led the renovation of my house over the past two years and his professionalism has been nothering short of outstanding. Graham considers every job detail before starting a task, which allows him to operate independently during his projects, ensuring that all of his projects on our house have come in on budget.

I would fully recommend Graham and his team to respective clients.

Mr. A Sterry,


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